A team that works like clockwork can achieve anything

Coaching and facilitation for teams that want more from their collaboration

Get the best out of your people 

Reduce attrition rates

Create a positive and constructive atmosphere at work

Achieve company’s objectives

“Successful teams are not the ones who don’t make mistakes…. they are the ones more willing and able to talk about them!” 

Amy Edmundson, PhD Harvard professor and critically acclaimed author 

Each individual has their own set of skills and needs, but also their own way to express them.

Understanding the various personalities and learning to adapt the way we communicate with each other are the keys to not only deliver excellent results, but also to be happier at work.

Everyone should feel important for the team and free to speak up.

The different ways of thinking and the various strengths of team members are what contribute to making the sum of the parts greater than the whole. 

"The exercises opened the door to discussions we do not necessarily dare to start. They were true and deep questions and I really liked it”

– Team building facilitation participant


“The human side of the retreat was so beneficial – when you know each other and work together, you can do anything”

– Team retreat participant

“Each and every activity was quite relevant in my eyes”

– Team workshop participant

“Very positive. 100% valuable exercise to bring the group together”

– Team retreat participant

“The structure (of the sessions) helped me present my ideas and my understanding to my team in person”

– Team workshop participant

“When you know what people are good at, how they behave, what their fears and strengths are, when you give them tools to be sharp and all this is integrated in a team, you can do everything!”

– Team communication workshop participant

Increase team performance through team coaching

Remote working and international teams have brought lots of opportunities but also many challenges to organisations.

A united team is a high performing team, no matter its members’ background or location.

Reveal Your Worth coaching and facilitation supports teams to work better and happier together by appreciating diversity, acknowledging misunderstandings and acquiring a common language.

The Beauty of Difference

The Process Communication Model® is one of the core tools I often use in my coaching programs.

It’s the user manual team members will have at hand to understand their own personalities and those of their colleagues.

PCM was developed by NASA to assess astronauts’ personalities, behaviour and predicted reactions under extreme circumstances.

Because of its incredible results PCM has been widely used in coaching since then and it’s proven to be one of the most accurate personality and behavioural assessment methods that exist today.

People who use the PCM benefit from a whole range of practical tools specifically designed for successful everyday management of communication.

Communication is everything in any relationship! Also in the professional world.

An invincible team

Re-energise a team or energise a newly formed one

Co-create personalised team best-practices 

Maximise team members strengths

Increase cohesion

Generate mutual trust

Give and receive constructive feedback 

Eliminate behind-the-back talks 

Manifest positivity and instil productive and beneficial habits


Reveal Your Worth team coaching and facilitation is designed for…

Any team: Leadership teams, virtual and multi-disciplinary teams, high-performing teams and teams who function less effectively

Mixed format: In-person, online or a mix

Co-defined content: Pre-agreed with leaders taking in consideration specific needs, objectives, maturity of the team, company culture, etc. 100% bespoke.

Tailor-made quote: Depending on team requirements


I’m Sandra Yeo, the coach who supports teams to give their best.

With 15+ years of experience in consultancy across project, change and relationship management, I have a solid business background working to improve the way in which people, organisations, processes and systems work together.

Whether facilitating large groups or instantly getting to a level of intimacy coaching a team, instinctively working out team dynamics and individual motivations has enabled me to get teams working towards common goals and win-win solutions for greater success.  

I’ve worked for IBM and Deloitte among other big names in the private sector as well as bringing extensive experience in the international development and public sectors with organisations such as WHO, Gavi, UNHCR or government departments. 

I enjoy improving the effectiveness of organisations for commercial and social impact.

I can help your teams achieve all their potential, whilst each individual feels fulfilled and proud of their contributions.

Some of the techniques and methods that I use:

Team Coaching Programs 

Take your teams’ performance beyond thinkable!

Team Communication Workshop

A 2-day workshop including a prior complete PCM profile and personalised action plan for each team member. 

What’s included in the workshop

Prior discussion session with leaders to understand objectives, priorities, team structure, culture and values

Online or onsite group introduction to PCM

Individual online or onsite PCM profiling and 1-to-1 debriefs:

  • identifying strengths and areas of improvement
  • personal preferences of ways of working and be managed
  • personalised action plan

2-day interactive and customized workshop bringing the team together:

  • Insightful activities
  • Series of exercises designed to tackle team’s areas of improvement
  • Open discussions focused on real life situations
  • Moments of truth
  • Bespoke coaching to boost emotional intelligence and motivation
  • Team’s action plan

Workshop Benefits 

✔️Get an accurate personalised team profile

✔️Improve team communication 

✔️Co-create team best-practices 

✔️Build a productive atmosphere

✔️Understand team’s relational mode of operation and interpersonal dynamics

✔️Facilitate productive and complimentary team working environments

✔️Uncover and share each member’s strengths

✔️Increase cohesion and trust

✔️Create new more positive interaction habits

✔️Reduce and manage miscommunication

✔️Provide a motivation boost to bring the best out of each team member


Each workshop is adapted to the specific team characteristics and objectives

Team Building Facilitation Session
1 or 2 days away from the office to work on the team’s cohesion, dynamics and motivation.


Aimed at small, large, remote and/or international teams

Ideally combined with outdoor activities or an evening event. Suggestions for locations and activities can be provided

Priorities and scope pre-agreed with leaders depending on team needs and goals

Can be designed around an existing event or specific topics 

What’s included in the session

A compilation of 1-2 hour different guided interactive sessions aimed to re-energise and boost motivation

  • Fun games
  • Insightful activities
  • Open discussions
  • Breakout brainstorming sessions
  • Moments of truth

Team Building Facilitation Session Benefits  

✔️ View colleagues from a different perspective 

✔️ Increase cohesion

✔️ Re-energise the team

✔️ Build confidence and trust

✔️ Align visions and priorities

✔️ Accept responsibilities

✔️ Empower autonomy

✔️ Increase wellbeing

✔️ Benefit from sharing team members’ experience

✔️ Create a positive and open atmosphere where team members feel relaxed and free to speak up


Each session is adapted to the specific team characteristics and objectives

Ongoing Team and Individual Coaching

Online or onsite regular coaching

    ✤ Prior to a Team Communication Workshop or a Team Building Facilitation Session: Excellent to prepare the team by improving self-awareness of individuals before working on team cohesion

    ✤ After a Team Communication Workshop or a Team Building Facilitation Session: Ongoing support to sustain the benefits obtained after the session. It can take place monthly or quarterly, depending on the team needs and organisation goals

Ongoing team coaching benefits

✔️ Stimulate the collective intelligence and make it sustainable

✔️ Boost self-awareness and emotional intelligence

✔️ Provide meaning to the individual and common missions 

✔️ Strengthen the links between team members 

✔️ Reach a sufficient level of autonomy to successfully implement the company strategy 

✔️ Combine a better knowledge of oneself with a better knowledge of each member of the team, their limitations, resources and talents

✔️ Invigorate compassion whilst learning how to motivate oneself and others

Ongoing individual coaching 

Help your employees take more onboard with confidence. See them grow and become their best version.

Employees struggling with new responsibilities or motivation

Stress management

Handling new ways of working and team structures


New people managers 

Overcoming diversity and gender gap issues 

100% bespoke coaching tailored around pre-discussed priorities and goals

Follow up of co-defined action plans 

PCM taster speaker slot

An introduction to PCM and the different personality types.

Reward your team with a light-hearted and insightful demonstration of how we interact with each other.  

Everyone will recognise themselves in an amusing way whilst understanding the underlying relevant lesson. 

An original, fun and enlightening content option for a team event. 

This interaction can be used as a base for future workshops or team coaching sessions.

“I’m using the PCM assessment to further develop myself as a leader” 

“I was impressed with how well the PCM picked characteristics that fully resonated. The debrief with Sandra was interactive and empowering. It made me understand for the first time why I react the way I do in given situations and what can I do to change my approach.”

T.M, Managing Director


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Any questions?

I’ll be happy to discuss any special requests with you.