Reveal Your Worth Coaching

The support you need to bring that change you want into your life

A life full of possibilities. 


Where there aren’t any self-sabotaging thoughts or fear to take decisions.  

A life where you are content with the path you’re walking and with your relationships at work, at home and everywhere. 

Where stress is manageable and you’re able to bring the best out of you and others.

I help you realise how precious you are as a human being and all the possibilities

that are bubbling inside you just waiting to be unleashed.

Get to know yourself better so you can progress in your life

Hello, I’m Sandra Yeo

A Self-Awareness coach and I support people who are going through a difficult moment in their lives or want a change but don’t know where to start.

My coaching provides you with a unique set of tools and techniques that will help you get to where you, or your team, really want to be.

All you need to overcome this life struggle or take that first step is inside you, but you just don’t know it yet.

Let me help you bring it out.

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“I lived a revelation"

as if someone had lifted a blindfold from my eyes. It gave me the opportunity to have a different outlook on a lot of things in a much more positive manner. I realised how people have different personalities, so it meant that I not only understand myself better now but also people around me, so it has had an effect on me and my relationships too. I feel lighter and not anxious anymore. “– Louise

“When I met Sandra I was totally lost”

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career. I felt I was losing my essence after listening to everyone’s advice. I needed to know who I really was to be able to choose my own path. Working with Sandra has been so helpful! She is a great listener, I never felt judged or obliged to answer a certain way to be “correct”. She’s helped me get more clarity in my life and really see my worth and everything I can do for my happiness. I’m really thankful to her”– Norine

“I’ve had 6 sessions with Sandra and I can’t recommend her more”

“The benefits on so many different levels are huge! I’ve gained more confidence in my abilities. After each session I was able to implement little changes in my life that are having a huge positive impact. I discussed with Sandra my everyday life and turned lots of situations which used to be stressful or complex into positive and productive ones ”.     – Claire

“I’m using this assessment to further develop myself as a leader”

“I was impressed with how well the PCM picked characteristics that fully resonated. The debrief with Sandra was interactive and empowering. It made me understand for the first time why I react the way I do in given situations and what can I do to change my approach.”  – Thabani

“A fun and enjoyable experience, hugely beneficial with great developmental feedback”

“Sandra balances professionalism and knowledge of the model with a genuine warmth that makes the experience fun and enjoyable as well as hugely beneficial. I also like the model itself, and the way Sandra explained it. It was clear and easy to understand and it didn’t pigeonhole”   – Andrew

“I learnt that our personalities aren’t fixed”

“What I liked about the Process Communication Model is that it isn’t rigid, it teaches you that everyone has many different aspects within their personalities and Sandra helped me understand which of those aspects are in mine. I learnt that our personalities aren’t fixed, we change along with our life experiences and that realisation provided me with a deep relief.”

    – Nathan

"Sandra gave me the opportunity to have a different outlook on a lot of things in a much more positive manner"

“Every time I walked away with something new I could apply in my daily life. I think these take-aways will always stay with me because I realised how different people have different personalities. I not only understand myself better now but also people around me. I feel lighter and not anxious anymore.”

    – Lisa

Business Groups Coaching & Facilitation

Greater productivity and cohesion for teams to achieve all their potential. 

Appreciate diversity, acknowledge misunderstandings and acquire a common language.

Online One2One Coaching

My coaching is fast, eye-opening and effective.

In only about 6 sessions I help you bring that change you need in your life.

A method that was first designed for astronauts

The Process Communication Model® will help you get to know yourself better  and build positive personal and professional relationships around you

The Seminar

A 2-day life-changing journey to rediscover yourself.

Take a break from everything in beautiful Annecy, France.

PCM coaching

Take the quiz now and find out which areas of your life need attention so you can live a fulfilling and joyful life.

Together with your results you’ll receive personalised eye-opening advice for free.

Work, relationships, obligations, expectations. Sometimes it just feels too much.

Stop and take a deep breath.

There’s a better way. And it’s simpler than you think.