Reveal Your Worth Seminar

A 2-day amazing journey to rediscover yourself

A unique opportunity to stop, change perspective and reflect on your own happiness.

Join us in this life-changing seminar in Annecy, surrounded by breath-taking nature and a group of women who,

just like you, want more from life.

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coaching seminar for overwhelmed

The Reveal Your Worth Seminar is for you,

if you feel:

    • you’re neglecting yourself to prioritise others 
    • unhappy with your current work/life situation
    • stressed, trying to balance too many things
    • bloated, struggling to eat healthy and keep your weight down
    • undervalued at work
    • frustrated and drained from difficult relationships
    • disconnected from your body and emotions
    • lost and lacking motivation
    • you’re losing confidence by the minute
    • you aren’t living your best life…

 But what does it mean to live your best life…?

No, it isn’t just some trendy hashtag on Instagram. It means so much more!

It means to live a meaningful and healthy life according to YOUR own values and to stop sabotaging your own happiness.

But, how do you achieve it, AND why does it feel like so many people other than yourself have the formula locked down?

If your life objective is to find happiness and feel fulfilled, why wait to work it out until later?

Do you often ask yourself…?

“When will I stop eating all that rubbish I know it’s bad for me?”

“How can I stop being stressed about things that haven’t even happened yet!?”

“Will I one day believe in myself and my capabilities?”

“Why can’t I say No!?”

Why do I feel stuck and can’t seem to move forward or make a decision?” 

You ask yourself these questions because these are the emotions that are preventing you living your best life. 

The good news is that all the answers to these questions are already inside yourself.

The not so good news is that you’ve lost your inner voice among all that external noise – no wonder why! – and now it’s time to start listening to that little voice of yours that is trying to shout at you… but it feels like it’s talking in Swahili.

“I lived a revelation, as if someone had lifted a blindfold from my eyes. It gave me the opportunity to have a different outlook on a lot of things in a much more positive manner. I realised how people have different personalities, so it meant that I not only understand myself better now but also people around me, so it has had an effect on me and my relationships too. I feel lighter and not anxious anymore. “



Reclaim your inner voice!

We help you translate your inner voice from Swahili (or Samoan) to your own language, the one that makes sense to you.


In the Reveal Your Worth Seminar you will:

  • stop overthinking for once and for all
  • find solutions that work to lose weight without feeling deprived
  • reconnect with your body and the world around you
  • find the tools to change those bad habits you always wanted to but never did
  • improve the way you communicate with yourself and others
  • discover what you are really capable of
  • know what you want in life and how to get it
  • see life as an adventure worth living and not as a series of problems that need to be fixed!

Before the Seminar

In order to uncover your strengths and to identify your self-sabotaging thoughts, we’ll assess your personality following the PCM (Process Communication Model®).

This method was developed by NASA to assess astronauts’ personalities and predicted reactions under extreme circumstances.

Ok, you’re probably not planning to go to Mars soon… 

The truth is PCM has been widely used in coaching since then and it’s proven to be one of the most accurate personality and behavioural assessment methods that exist today.

This method focuses on our way to communicate with ourselves and with others since the quality of our relationships is critical to our success.

Before the seminar:

  1. We’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire
  2. We’ll have a 1-to-1 debrief session online to discuss the outcome and chat about how you feel about it

Your personality assessment will serve us to better define your Personal Action Plan

The Seminar

This is your opportunity to pull the plug and take a REAL break from life, (and all its obligations), and enjoy a 2-day self-discovery journey in a relaxed and rejuvenating environment.

We’ll work with you on these 2 core domains:

women's coaching self relationship

Improve your relationship with yourself

To build good professional and personal relationships you first need to improve your relationship with yourself. The way you talk to yourself determines your success and happiness. We help you find the user manual you never got to finally understand how your mind works.

Being self-confident is not about being arrogant, it’s about being able to set your boundaries and be happy with who you are.

women's coaching self relationship

Connect with your body

If you want to live your best life, you need to improve the relationship with your body. Listen to it carefully and find the balance in your diet and your daily life. Feeling good in your own skin is essential to be authentic and to reach all your potential. We help you re-learn how to love your body and take care of yourself, manage stress and control unhealthy cravings. 


 ✔ During the 2-day seminar we’ll do a series of fun activities, new games and eye-opening exercises, some in groups, some in solitude, that will challenge your limiting beliefs and show you what you’re capable of.

We prefer to keep the detailed program a secret. We find that the surprise element helps to make a better impact in the participants’ achievements.

Learn how to look after yourself to find greater life fulfilment while staying authentic

Our unique method is based on the Process Communication Model® and Health Coaching.


These changes will stay with you forever. 

Because your personality assessment and the work you’ll do during the seminar will change your internal dialogue and how you react to external events.

You will look at yourself and your strengths in a totally new way, more positive and confident. 

You’ll feel lighter and ready to grab anything life throws at you!

During the seminar you’ll experience new and exciting feelings.

You will start:

feeling lighter and more positive

having more clarity on what you want from life

feeling more energetic

knowing how to communicate effectively with others

willing to make those changes your life needs.

feeling more authentic

Your Coaches

Sandra Yeo

Self-awareness Coach

Combining professional coaching with 15+ years of corporate experience (she’s worked for names like IBM and Deloitte), Sandra can help you bring about the change you desire in just a handful of sessions.

She has helped many women attain their long-desired goals and live the kind of life that best resonates with them.

By accurately assessing your personality she can provide you with your unique set of tools and techniques that will help you reach that place where you really want to be.

Sandra is Process Communication Model ® Certified.

Isabelle Agassis

Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach

Isabelle has helped many women change their eating habits for life.

A genuine nutritional re-educator, she provides simple methods adapted to modern, busy lives without needing to resort to frustrating diets.

She is a PNL certified coach too which allows her to adapt her wellbeing plan to each person’s own personality and uncover their relationship with food.

This is why Isabelle is so successful at finding the right “buttons” to push, that encourage each individual to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Note: Isabelle’s sections will be translated into English

“A decision is just a second – Isabelle told me – Which decision do you want to make?” And it was at that very moment I chose to change my diet and start taking care of myself. I had finally chosen to act.”

V.O. Educational and vocational guidance counsellor

Why is this seminar only for women?

Women often face different challenges in life and at work than those of men. 

We also have a more intricate relationship with our bodies, simply because they function differently.

And above all because… When a group of wonderful women work together amazing things happen!

Reveal Your Worth Seminar

A life-changing experience is waiting for you

Practical Information

Need more info or want to be notified of future updates?


  • en Français le 3-4 Décembre 2022 Neuchâtel, Suisse
  • in English to be confirmed, (click ‘contact us’ below to be notified of the next date)

This price includes:

   A complete personality assessment based on the Process

    Communication Model®

  An insightful 1-to-1 coaching session with

    Sandra prior to the seminar

  2 full days of inestimable resources and fun coaching

    sessions that will make you look at yourself in

    a new and positive light

  A handy self toolkit that will immediately help you

    improve the quality of your relationships

  A tailor-made nutritious guide adapted to your personality

    and needs that will help you feel great in your own body

  A Personalised Action Plan with clear and

    achievable changes that you’ll be able to

    incorporate into your life straight away

  Healthy and delicious lunches and a breakfast

  The possibility to opt for a follow up session at an

    incredible special price!

Accommodation is not included. We can make recommendations upon request.



Feeling a bit restless?

That means you’re fed up and ready to take action! You’re fed up of always waiting for things to get better. Or for the next quarter when it’ll be less busy at work. Or when you’ll feel less tired…

But you know it… Things won’t change unless you do something about it.

Be more, think less and act better

Join us for an exciting self-discovery journey!


This seminar is limited to only 10 spots. Reserve yours quickly!

People Often Ask Us:

What will this seminar really give me?

We like this question so much! Because we’d ask it too if we were you!

Some facts please!

With RYW seminar you win:

  • maximum clarity on who you are, what you want and in which type of environments you perform best
  • 5 simple tools to improve communication at work and at home
  • 7 easy to adopt techniques to manage stress
  • a personalised action plan to balance your diet and increase your energy, joy and concentration
  • a new sparkling level of confidence in your capabilities
  • a 25+page personal PCM profile report
  • 15 pieces of invaluable content that will help you keep the momentum after the seminar
  • a new supportive network of women
  • a different perspective and attitude towards life in general. More positive, lighter and relaxed.

I’m not sure this seminar is for me

If you have read till here it probably means this is the right seminar for you. Because you can relate with what we’re saying and want to live your best life. The fact that you’re hesitating now shows that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and you’re a bit scared. It’s normal, it often happens. 

But remember, outside your comfort zone is where exciting things happen!

Do I need to have a weight problem to join the seminar?

Of course not. This is not a program to lose weight (although if you want to, we’ll help you achieve it!) but to help you be more in-tune with your body and improve your relationship with it.

Is this seminar only for working professionals?

No, it’s for anyone wanting to make more from life according to their own values.

It’s definitely also for you if you’re finishing your studies and feel stuck not knowing what to do next. 

For you too, if you’ve stopped working for a while to take care of others and want to grab the steering wheel of your life again.


We also recommend it for those women that feel stuck in their careers and want to find the energy and strategy to make a clear-cut turn.


What happens after I’ve reserved my spot?

We will contact you to arrange the personality assessment and the personal coaching session. 

We will make sure all is done prior to the seminar.

How does the payment work?

Once you reserve your spot  you’ll be directed to our 100% safe payment page and receive confirmation by email.

How many participants are there in each seminar?

There are a max of 10 participants to keep it intimate yet enough of a group for great interactions and fun!

How can I get to Annecy?

The exact address will be provided after you’ve made the booking and the participants list will be shared with you so you can check the possibility of car sharing.  

Bla bla cars are also a good option in the region. 

There’s a direct bus from Geneva airport and direct trains from Paris.

More info here

In which language is the seminar?

There are French and English versions of the seminars run on different dates, which you’ll see when you register.  All the materials are available in French or English.

Will the venue be easy to access for persons with disabilities?

Yes, of course. We take care of every detail so everyone can attend our seminars and enjoy a pleasant experience.

Reclaim your inner voice and it’ll take you exactly where you want to be...

Reserve your spot for the Reveal Your Worth Seminar before it’s full!